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Blancos T July 11, 2011 15720
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This latest incarnation of Metl Mezcal blanco should not be allowed anywhere near teenagers. If they get a hold of it, well, let's just say it would cause more problems in this world than we already have. It's a 96-proof mezcal. The first 96 mezcal I have ever forewarned that this one can "jump" on you. It gets the party started pretty fast. WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!

OK, back to business....

The nose is pleasant. It has a peppery alcohol outline, a light leathery nose with a hint of dried fruit. A pretty subdued "wow" factor, just a clean and straightforward tease for what is to follow.

Initially, a bit of pepper/dried chile kick to it, plus the alcohol hotness, which may be due to the higher proof, but a nice light earthy, creaminess to it.

Dare I say woodiness?

After the heat settles, and by the way, I don't want to overstate the hotness, but it IS there, but only initially, on the first substantial sip. After this, the fruitiness comes forth, becoming exposed as an integral part of a robust, viscous body as it swirls around and over the tongue. More mango than pineapple, not in a cane-sugary way, but more deeply sweet, and naturally blended with a moderate smokiness whole, which persists throughout a very long finish, pleasant mineral trace elements lining your mouth's interior.

I was surprised that there is almost no heat by the time it reaches the throat.

The drink is consistent from nose to long finish. Best to be consumed when you are somewhere with no plans to be driving anywhere, in a comfortable chair, in a room with other aficionados. It's just too easy to keep drinking this one. It really gets smooth after that first shot and holds together really well.

Others might be quick to say that this is not the most complex mezcal they have ever had, but I feel that it is a very enjoyable drink, and the price point was reasonable (I think it was 42-ish). This makes for a good contribution to the mezcal market, accessible to working stiffs such as myself.

Oh yeah, and the bottle? Love it. Hella thick glass. Dark and mysterious, alpha-male, like the new Batmobile. Love the big arse cork. I admit, I swiped my finger and licked the residual on the wide lip after my pours. Most importantly, the wide base provides for great stability, a good "product feature" to have by the time you are at the halfway point with this one!

-Agave Sipper
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