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Tommy's is an experience all tequila lovers must have in there lifetime. An excellent selection of tequila, honest two-ounce shots/snifters, and orgasmic margaritas are but half of the picture. The proprietor Julio Bermejo, America's own Tequila Ambassador, will make you a tequila lover if you aren't one already and an impassioned deputy ambassador of tequila if you are already in the ranks of lover. The shortcomings of the place are that the size of the bar area is simply that of a ten stool bar (or there abouts) with a couple of feet (literally) behind the stools for standing before a wall. There is some space for standing on either side of the bar. This is usually just fine as you meet some great people but it may not fit everybody's ideal for a night out of tequila drinking. The second is that I have never really found the food to live up to the exceptional tequila. While the small plates and snacks work just fine, the dinners are definitely not the best in San Francisco. Tommy's is the best place to have a unpretentious experience with very high-end drinking and a place you can come away with some of the best tequila knowledge as well as a belly full of beautifully distilled 100% agave.
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