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First off, don't pay attention to my food rating. I've never gone there for food (I've heard mixed reviews, but mostly positive), so I can just speak for the bar.

My passion for tequila is a new one. It's actually taken over part of my life. I'm glad to say that's not in an, "Oh no, I think I may be drinking too much" way. It's in an obsessive thirst for knowledge way. I'm loving learning about all the tequilas just as much drinking it, maybe more. It's just been fun. As much as Tommy's is Mecca for the seasoned tequila veteran because of their selection, it's just as great for a guy like me who knows what he wants to try (I've read a lot of reviews and have a lot of brands on my "must try" list), but also has much to learn. Though the staff is busy (it's a popular place, and they spend a lot of time making "San Francisco's best margarita"), they're incredibly friendly and seem to genuinely love talking to the patrons about tequila when they get a second, especially Julio, who runs things. He introduced himself, shook my hand, asked me my name, asked me where I was from, etc. And that friendliness extends to the patrons. If you run a place well, you attract good people (usually). Tommy's patrons are very cool and a few even introduced themselves to me as soon as they saw I had a genuine interest in tequila and was asking the staff a lot of questions. One guy had even brought in a couple bottles that he had aged at home and was sharing it with people, to no complaints from Julio, which was cool.

The prices are right about what you'd expect, not higher, not lower, and they pour a two once shot, like a good tequila bar should.

The only complaint I have (and the only reason I've knocked any points off for ambiance and service, because both are near perfect) are more a result of architecture than anything else. The bar area very small for the volume of business they're doing, with just enough room for one layer of people to stand behind the 8 or so bar stools. But, what the hell are you gonna do? That's the space they have. I've never been there on a normal weeknight, so I can't say what the non-weekend crowd is like. Size may be a non-issue on a normal night. But as great as this place is, I doubt it.

Bottom line, if you're a tequila lover, or just think you may want to be one, just go.
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