Tres Agaves

T June 25, 2007
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Tres Agaves

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130 Townsend Street
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(415) 227-0500

Tres Agaves Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Lounge

Tres Agaves serves traditional cuisine from Jalisco, and have the only wood-burning "al-pastor" taco ovens outside of Mexico. They carry 32 brands of 100% Agave products, totaling approximately 110 Tequila bottles, 6 Mezcal bottles, and 3 Sotol bottles.

Casa Noble - Tres Agave Single Barrel Reposado

I've always been a fan of Casa Noble, so of course I was excited to sample this single barrel Reposado bottled exclusively for Tres Agaves. I would highly recommend a snifter or Riedel full if you have the opportunity to visit Tres Agaves, either in San Francisco or Roseville, CA. Review - Casa Noble, Tres Agave Single Barrel Reposado - 94/100
Appearance: clear, medium amber, copper hues - full body tears
Aroma: earthy sweet and spicy agave, light oak, vanilla & orange
Initial Taste: sweet agave, hints of vanilla & butter
Spirit Body: hot & spicy body, vegetal
Finish / Aftertaste: warm mouthfeel, medium length herbal & oak finish & mint aftertaste

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