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The inside of the store is really nice, and they have a parking lot, which is really great given that they're in a part of town where can be really tough to find a spot (which is pretty much all of San Francisco). And everyone in the store seemed cool.

They have an okay selection, but nothing stunning for such a large liquor store, especially here in California, where were fortunate to have many tequilas imported. And the prices, meh. Most bottles are only slightly more expensive than what you'd want to pay (whatever that means. We all WANT to pay less than tequila costs). No big deal for SF. But then there are some real head scratchers. I don't remember how much it was in the store, but on their site it's $48 bucks for Corazon Blanco? Seriously? I mean, EVERYONE in San Francisco sells Corazon and usually for about $20 cheaper. And they also jack up the price of Don Pilar Anejo, which angers me more than average since it's my current favorite. I think it was about $55. It's $34 at Mike's Liquors on Mission, and most tequila site reviews put the price right around $35 to $40. They also had Corrido Blanco as well, which is normally priced around $36 or so, for $50 bucks or more (Maybe it's because Corrido is pretty tough to find). As you can probably figure out from this review, I'm a big time bargain/value hunter ("Cheap," I believe, is another term some use for it). The Jug Shop didn't do anything for me in that department.

So, all I can say about The Jug Shop is that it's a nice, well kept store. The door worked flawlessly when I exited after looking at an only average selection for such a large store and their above average prices on pretty easy to find bottles. If you live in the neighborhood, check it out, but it's not worth going across town for.
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