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Casa 1921 Tequila Releases New Expression

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1921 Tequila

Reserva Especial becomes Reserva Especial Añejo

San Antonio, TX, December 16, 2009 - Casa 1921 Tequila, producer and marketer of the ultra-premium 1921 Tequila brand, today announced that it has increased the aging of its 1921 Reserva Especial. Aged for up to eight months, the former Reserva Especial now sits longer in American Oak barrels--a full year--resulting in the new and impressive Reserva Especial Añejo.

Although 1921 has been producing world-class tequilas for a decade this is its first entry into the añejo category. The growing number of 1921 fans who have come to respect these formidable tequilas can now add the 1921 Añejo to their collection. Juan Collado, President of Casa 1921, commented on the change: Although our Reserva Especial is an extraordinary product, consumers did not understand the term ‘reserva especial’. Blanco, reposado and añejo are industry standard terms and are categories with which consumers are familiar. We were very pleased to discover that the extra time spent in the barrel gave our Reserva Especial even greater depth of character.

In his tasting notes, Robert Plotkin, well-respected spirits authority and tequila aficionado, said of 1921 Añejo that it has a satiny texture and delectable bouquet comprised of fruit, cocoa and citrus aromas. The palate is spicy with a lingering slightly smoky finish.

The 1921 Process

1921 Tequila combines both traditional and new age processes to produce its extraordinary tequilas. Production starts with harvesting only the finest blue agave, the most prized of all agave plants. The piñas are then baked using a three-step cooking process which prevents the agave from burning and developing unpleasant flavors. The shredded piñas are then pressed rather than ground in order to gently extract the most juice while leaving the fibers behind. This process is followed by a double fermentation process which differentiates 1921 from other producers. This double fermentation, which takes over a week to complete, endows 1921 Tequila with a smoothness and spectrum of flavors not found elsewhere. Double distillation in pot stills is the final step. Unlike other producers which use higher temperatures and a faster pace, the 1921 distillation method occurs slowly under cool and controlled temperatures resulting in a more aromatic tequila free of fats and undesirable compounds. The tequila that will be aged to reposado and añejo is then filtered and transferred to new charred American oak barrels.

More about 1921 Tequila

1921 Tequila is a producer and marketer of ultra-premium tequilas. Its portfolio includes 1921 Tequila Blanco, Reposado, Reserva Especial Añejo and the original Tequila Cream Liqueur. Its brands are available in most major US markets, throughout Mexico and in limited international markets.


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