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Casa Noble Tequila Anniversary Celebration and Museum Opening

Casa Noble Tequila celebrates in style one more anniversary and as a very special part of the event there will be the opening of the first museum in a tequila distillery.

Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico (PRWEB) June 8, 2004 -- Casa Noble Tequila celebrates in style one more anniversary next June 5th, with a grand luncheon at its own distillery, located in Tequila, Jalisco, México. Among the many activities to be held at this year's celebration, one stands out for its sheer historic relevance - the opening of the Tequila Museum created by Alicia Rodriguez Perez, as it is the very first museum devoted entirely to tequila to be located inside an actual distillery. Among the very select list of 500 guests attending the event will be the Governor of Jalisco State, Mr. Francisco Ramirez Acuña, and Mr. Jose Miguel Marin Sanchez, Mayor of the City of Tequila. Both men have a robust list of contributions towards the preservation and support of tequila history.

Immediately following a celebration of Mass at 2 pm., there will be an elaborate regional Mexican Cuisine buffet, featuring the most delicious dishes from the region, to be held at a special area inside the distillery, surrounded with dozens of beautiful, lush 100 year old mango trees. The party would not be complete without a good Mariachi band, playing the many favorite tunes as guest will be served with all the Casa Noble Family tequilas: Crystal, Reposado and Añejo.

Visitors will also get the chance to experience the full Casa Noble Tequila ritual, learning not just how this fantastic tequila is produced, but also there will be a complete tour of the beautiful blue agave fields and distillery, even including some (not all, of course)of the best kept secrets involved in the production methods. Guests will also be offered a taste of the freshly cooked sweet blue agave while visiting the distillery.

After all the programmed festivities run to an end, chauffeurs will be available to return guest back to their hotels safely after this superb tequila celebration.

About Casa Noble:
For many years, our love, pride and passion in producing exceptional Tequila has been demonstrated in Casa Noble's quest for perfection. The result is a unique concept that blends originality in both the superior tequila and their decanters.

Casa Noble ultra premium Tequilas begin as carefully selected individual 10-year-old plants of Blue Agave. Each one must meet the strict requirements for water and sugar content. We slow-cook them for 38 hours in stone ovens. Then, using only the core and hearts of the agaves, we extract their potent juice. The fermentation process is 100% natural, followed by a triple distillation. The result is Tequila so pure and full of agave flavor that it has elevated the concept of tequila to new levels around the world.

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