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Dos Lunas Tequila Enters the Silver State of Nevada

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El Paso, TX- Dos Lunas Spirits, LLC is proud to announce the newest spirit available in the state of Nevada . Dos Lunas Tequila will soon be available for purchase in area bars and on store shelves, including the infamous Las Vegas strip. Dos Lunas will be represented by Nevada distributor, BMC Fine Spirits.

Dos Lunas Tequila

As the gambling and entertainment capital of the U.S. , Nevada is a large opportunity for Dos Lunas Tequila and the state is welcoming the premium spirit with open arms. University of Nevada Las Vegas ’, Thomas and Mack Center , is the first major public venue in the state to order Dos Lunas Tequila for the Tequila Station in the arena.  The venue is a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment center located on the campus of University of Nevada Las Vegas . Also among the first to showcase Dos Lunas is the well-known Isla Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar in Treasure Island . Dos Lunas Tequila CEO, Richard C. Poe stated, “Entering Nevada is a great accomplishment for the company and we are very enthusiastic and eager for citizens and tourists to have the Dos Lunas experience!”

Thousands of travelers from across the world visit the state each year and Dos Lunas Tequila is ready to bring its unique qualities, time, and aromas that make Dos Lunas the premium tequila experience. The commencing distribution will be recognized by BMC Fine Spirits, a Las Vegas based importer and distributor. The excitement of bringing an all-natural tequila to this region is fantastic news for the company as well as for the state.

About Dos Lunas Tequila

Launched in 2006, Dos Lunas Tequila offers a line of four premium tequilas including Silver (direct from distillation), Reposado (aged nine months), Añejo (aged 18 months) and Grand Reserve (aged ten years in a single barrel). Our tequilas range from the ageless Silver which carries a crisp, clean taste; then finishes down the line with 10 year aged Grand Reserve, housed in a Baccarat crystal decanter with a smooth oak flavor and offered at $2500 per bottle. All four tequilas are 100 percent chemical and enzyme free and use an all-natural yeast fermentation process. The unadulterated process is what makes the Dos Lunas Tequila experience so exquisite and unique. Nevada is the 20th state to distribute this premium tequila in the U.S. 

About BMC Fine Spirits

BMC Fine Spirits opened its doors across the state of Nevada since 1999. They are owned by Connecticut-based parent company BMC Importers. The Nevada importer and distributor dispense boutique wines, specialty beers, and ultra-premium spirits across the state. BMC Fine Spirits is located at 4185 West Post Road STE. E Las Vegas , NV 89118 and can be reached at 702-733-2003.

Dos Lunas Tequila produces a line of award-winning ultra-premium tequila made from 100% estate grown Blue Agave.  Headquartered in El Paso , TX , Dos Lunas Tequila is all-natural and chemical free.  For more information, please visit www.doslunas.com or call 866.DE.AGAVE.

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