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El Gran Jubileo Tequila Expands to US

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Central Texas Spirits, Inc. introduces the award winning Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo Tequilas of El Gran Jubileo to the US this fall.  Though well known in the finest Mexican resorts for years, Tequila drinkers north of the border will finally get a chance to experience the exceptional purity and character of these 100% Blue Agave Tequilas.  These Tequilas set the standard for quality, smoothness and flavor.

El Gran Jubileo Tequila BlancoEl Gran Jubileo Tequila ReposadoEl Gran Jubileo Tequila Anejo

TEQUILA.net - Central Texas Spirits will begin distribution of El Gran Jubileo Tequilas in October.  According to representatives of both the distillery and Central Texas Spirits, the importation and distribution agreement "…is a perfect fit for the image and vision of the El Gran Jubileo brand as Tequila for connoisseurs of the finest spirits Mexico has to offer".  The brand will be introduced initially at select events in both Texas and Florida.

El Gran Jubileo is produced by Destilería La Alborada.  The distillery, family owned and operated, is located in the town of Tequila at the heart of the Agave producing region of the State of Jalisco, Mexico.  The brand, until now, has been available only at boutique liquor stores and at the most exclusive resorts in Mexico. 

Hand crafted El Gran Jubileo is now available in the US in limited quantities.  “The introduction of the brand in the United States will be deliberate and methodical for all three labels: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.” said Michael Fahrenthold of Central Texas Spirits.  Introductions to the brand are scheduled at tasting events to be held at resorts and clubs throughout Texas and the Southern United States.

El Gran Jubileo Blanco, the Agave.net Agave Spirits Challenge Bronze medal winner has a pure, smooth, and fresh flavor.  This blanco can be enjoyed with a slice of lime, mixed in a cocktail or on the rocks.  This is a favorite of the “Master Tequiliers”.

El Gran Jubileo Reposado is carefully aged in white oak barrels for 10 months.  The beautiful straw color with shades of gold evokes its personality of intense cooked agave flavor and notes of wood.  This Agave Spirits Challenge Gold medal winner is ideal to drink by itself or it can bring a wonderfully smooth Agave flavor to cocktails or margaritas.

El Gran Jubileo Añejo is a limited production spirit which, as indicated directly on the label, has been aged for 5 years.  This Tequila is best enjoyed by itself and drinks like the finest cognac, brandy or whiskey.  El Gran Jubileo Añejo earned the Platinum medal, “Top Agave Spirit”, and “Judge Favorite” at the Agave.net Agave Spirits Challenge in 2008.

Agave Spirits Challenge AwardAgave Spirits Challenge AwardAgave Spirits Challenge AwardAgave Spirits Challenge Award

Central Texas Spirits, Inc. is a licensed Texas Importer and Wholesaler.  Contact them through their website for more information about the brand, distribution opportunities and upcoming events featuring El Gran Jubileo Tequilas.

Central Texas Spirits, Inc

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