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First Premium Tequila In Arizona To Win Back-to-Back Medals In 2008

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Scottsdale, AZ (TEQUILA.net) May 19, 2008 – CRUZ del Sol Tequila (CRUZ Tequila) recently made history by becoming the first premium tequila company in Arizona to accept prestigious industry awards – from both the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Agave Spirits Challenge.

“On behalf of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, I want to thank the CRUZ Tequila family for entering this year's program” remarks Carol Seibert, Managing Director for the competition. “There were more than 800 spirits from 63 countries making this the largest competition in America, and we are pleased to add Cruz Reposado to our list of 2008 winners.”

Representing the Agave Spirits Challenge, Darin Jones Owner of Tequila.net states: “Judges from three countries reviewed more than 80 spirits of Mexico during the inaugural Agave Spirits Challenge in Cancun, Mexico this spring. Our goal was to reward not only those who have proven track records, but also new spirits and brands who display great potential. That is why we were pleased to recognize the CRUZ Tequila family with an award for their new premium spirit.”

“What an honor” adds Joseph “Pep” Katcher, President of CRUZ Tequila.  “These two important, back-to-back medals represent the commitment to excellence and hard work of the entire CRUZ family.  Proof that our approach of combining true experts with the finest 100% blue agave is a powerful and award-winning union.”

About San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the first comprehensive, international spirits judging ever held in the United States on an annual basis. Founded in 2000 by directors of the San Francisco International Wine Competition, Anthony Dias Blue and Carol Seibert, the Spirits Competition continues each year to grow in entrants as well as stature within the industry.

To learn more about the competition please visit their website at: www.sfspiritscomp.com

About Agave Spirits Challenge
Judging for the Agave Spirits Challenge took place at Royal Resorts Club International and Hacienda Sisal Restaurant in Cancun, Mexico this spring.  The judges blind tasted more than 80 Agave spirits and rated them in six categories: aroma, initial taste, body, finish, smoothness, and quality for price. Agave spirits from all over Mexico were eligible to compete in this inaugural agave spirits competition and dozens of Tequilas, Mezcals, Sotols and Agave based liqueurs took up the challenge.

To learn more about the competition please visit their websites at:  www.agave.net and www.tequila.net

About CRUZ Tequila
CRUZ del Sol Tequila is the award-winning, flagship brand of Los Diablos International which is headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona. The recognized principals of the company have a combined 50 years of global business experience that is focused on redefining the premium tequila market. As part of their commitment to give back to their community, CRUZ was proud to be a part of the Emerging Business Program for the 2008 Arizona Super Bowl XLII host committee and sponsored by Salt River Project (SRP). The company also takes an active role in contributing to quality non-profit organizations including the Phoenix Thunderbirds Charities. Globally, CRUZ proudly donates seven percent of its profits to various national and international charities and strongly supports sustainability by using only eco-friendly recycled materials in its product packaging.

To learn more about CRUZ Tequila and their quest to redefine the premium tequila market with their innovative spirit, please visit their website at: www.cruztequila.com

Todd Nelson, Vice President
CRUZ Tequila
V: 480.458.7487
Website: www.cruztequila.com

Kelly A. Isley, Partner
Corcoran Associates
Business Advisors & Public Relations
V: 480.814.7471
F: 480.998.9088
Website: www.corcoranassoc.biz

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