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Mixology Canada Introduces Flavour Infused Tequila to Canada

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Re-Think Tequila... the taste of tequila and then some.

TORONTO, Nov. 14 /CNW/ - Kaban Tequila(TM) a new offering from Mixology Canada combines a 100% Blue Agave spirit base with citrus infused flavours. This premium quality product is now on the retailers shelves and available for foodservice accounts throughout Canada. Offered in three unique flavours - Lime, Tangerine and Tropical (Pineapple), Kaban Citrus Infused Tequilas are distilled and bottled in Mexico and are Canada's first naturally flavoured tequila. Kaban also has silver and gold offerings that should find their way
into the spirits pipeline in the near future.

As the appeal of tequila and flavour based spirits grows, Kaban surprises the drinker with a smooth and subtle tequila flavour profile that is brightened up with citrus flavours. Its easy mixability allows Kaban to be substituted into traditional cocktails like Cosmopolitans, Caesars and Mojitos providing a unique and surprising twist to an old theme. It's a natural fit for a Tequila Sunrise, or a Lime, Mango or Strawberry Margarita. It can be sipped slowly on the rocks or imbibed straight up in a shot!

The consumer and foodservice response has been tremendous. Many national restaurant chains, family restaurants, pubs, resorts and martini lounges are now offering Kaban or considering it for future promotions. Nathan Cameron, Master Mixologist for Prime Restaurants, is currently featuring a "Kaban Caesar" throughout the Casey's restaurant chain in Ontario. This specialty Caesar features Kaban Lime Tequila, garnished with a new specialty Caesar salt and a spicy bean. Nathan considers Kaban flavoured tequilas to be one of the most exciting and versatile new spirits to enter the marketplace. "Unlike some of the other silver and gold tequilas, Kaban's flavours are subtle and smooth and integrate nicely with other spirits and cocktail mixes. The fruit infusions brighten up rather than overpower the 100% blue agave base. Kaban can certainly be enjoyed slowly on the rocks or in a traditional cocktail, but its true strength is as a unique base spirit for signature cocktails and martinis".

Scott Megit, President of Mixology Canada hopes that "Kaban will transcend our previous impressions and experiences of tequila and encourage us to Re-Think Tequila. Kaban is a true lifestyle brand and our goal is to elevate the status and perception of the category." It is being offered in a stylish, slim and tall 750 ml bottle and contains 40% alcohol. The Kaban logo and contemporary bottle profile will be a perfect fit for premium back bars and nightclub bottle service. Its consumer friendly price point and easy mixability makes it the perfect well brand for a restaurant, or cocktail choice when hosting a dinner party at home.

Mixology Canada Inc. (formerly Island Oasis Canada) is a fully integrated beverage company that specializes in premium quality products. Included in their portfolio are Island Originals Frozen Beverage Mixes, 1883 Syrups and Teafuzions Matcha Green Tea. The company is run by Scott Megit (President) and Janet Kostyk (Vice-President) who both have over twenty years of experience in the foodservice industry. Mixology has fourteen full-time beverage and marketing consultants working with both independent and national restaurants chains in Canada. They pride themselves on offering turnkey beverage programs including beverage consultation services, industry leading marketing and promotional material, beverage equipment and service support.

For further information: on Kaban, visit
Isadora Miranda, Marketing Assistant, Mixology Canada, p. (905) 793-9100 x
222, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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