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  • Tenampa Azul from Gran Centenario Launches April 09

Tenampa Azul from Gran Centenario Launches April 09

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Azul® From The House Of Gran Centenario® To Launch In April 2009, Backed By Three Million Dollar Marketing Campaign

Proximo Spirits, Inc. to Introduce Mexico’s Fastest-Growing, 100% Agave Tequila

Proximo Spirits, Inc., the newly formed, privately-owned, super-premium spirits distributor, announces the introduction of Azul® from the house of Gran Centenario®, the world’s most-awarded tequila.  Currently, Azul is Mexico’s fastest-growing 100% agave tequila  brand and represents a revolution in the extremely competitive tequila category, with its sleek packaging and affordable price.  Supported by a comprehensive, integrated marketing campaign, Azul will be on-shelf nationwide beginning in April 2009.

Azul’s modern packaging combined with its super-smooth taste – due to the use of the finest 100% Agave, sourced directly from family-owned ranches in Jalisco, Mexico - results in an incredible product at an exceptional value.  Azul from the House of Gran Centenario (40% Alc./Vol.) will be available in 750 ml, Liters and 1.75 Liters,  priced at $19.99 per 750 ml.  While the Reposado is launched first, a silver variant will become available in May.

“In the current economic climate, consumers are seeking brands that offer a unique combination of exceptional quality and value;  Azul is the tequila that will meet consumer demand in a category that’s demonstrated a 9.6% percent growth in sales, ” said Elwyn Gladstone, Marketing Director for Proximo Spirits, Inc.  “Already, consumers have identified the 100% agave designation as an indicator of quality and purity – similar to the way they recognize the quality associated with a single malt Scotch whisky.  As with everything we do at Proximo, we strive to be unique and highly differentiated.  We are confident that Azul’s brand proposition, along with its incredible liquid and superb packaging will stand out in this super-competitive tequila category.” 

The Azul launch campaign will feature a new and categorically aggressive creative that will differentiate the brand against more traditional, super-premium competitors by focusing on quality of product.  Proximo Spirits, Inc. developed a campaign that speaks to the purity of the spirit, which highlights Azul’s quality.  The thought-provoking advertising will challenge the industry and consumers to rethink their tequila choice.  The advertising and promotional campaign will run in trade and consumer publications throughout 2009.  Consumer trial will be critical for this brand and an extensive sampling program will begin in April nationwide.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of Azul – the combination of an exceptional product, highly differentiated packaging and a counter-category campaign is perfect for the current environment.  As with everything we try to do at Proximo, this is different and innovative,” said Gladstone. 

Azul from the House of Gran Centenario Tasting Notes:
Reposado: Nose is clean, fruity and light with strong hints of fresh agave coming through.  Taste is clean, crisp, smooth – light, slightly peppery and fruity.

Production Process:
Azul from Gran Centenario is a 100% Agave Tequila.  The Reposado tequila is rested for two months in White Oak Barrels before being blended and bottled.  The agave for Azul is sourced from family owned ranches in Jalisco, Mexico, and is made of the finest, sweetest, highest quality 100% Highland blue agave, chosen after a generous life of 10 to 12 years, beyond the usual eight years for other tequilas. The hearts of the agave are baked for up to 72 hours in traditional clay ovens to guarantee that even the subtlest flavors of the agave remain.

About Proximo Spirits, Inc.
Proximo Spirits is a newly formed, privately owned, premium spirits distributor based in New York. In addition to Gran Centenario® Tequila, the company portfolio includes 1800® Tequila, Three Olives Vodka®, Maestro® Dobel Diamond™ Reposado Tequila®, as well as the exquisite Ron Matusalem® Rum brand.

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