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Tequila Faces Mixed 2008 Blessings

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The good news is record production of more than 280 million litres of tequila in 2007: the best year of the decade for tequileros. The bad news is an uncertain future, both for the unsold litres of tequila, and for their source, the area's agave plant. Part of this year's record production, unfortunately, came at the expense of growers. Tequileros chose to make more tequila as prices of agave plummeted to less than a peso per kilogram, compared to a record 18 pesos per kilo during the agave shortage crisis in 2000.

The year's record production, however, is good news for fans of añejo and extra anejo tequila. The standing inventory of tequila is now more than 185 million litres, most of which must be aged or go to waste. Tequileros say that storage costs and the taxation of "aged" products will create a maturing market of higher-quality products, even as it hits them in the pockets.

Source: http://guadalajarareporter.com

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