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Victory for KAH, Day of the Dead Tequila

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Establishes Definitive Identity in Competitive Beverage Marketplace

Elements Spirits, Inc. is triumphant in a formidable legal challenge posed by the parent company of a high-profile celebrity-backed vodka, paving the way for the maverick brand's American and global business prospects.

San Diego: Elements Spirits, Inc. and its brand KAH™ Tequila emerged supreme in a liquor industry court case that echoed the age-old outcome of "David and Goliath," with the proverbial little guy (or in this case, little gal) coming out on top morally and ethically.

Globefill, Inc., parent company for the high-profile, celebrity-backed Crystal Head Vodka, took on the "Goliath" role, filed a lawsuit against Element's Spirits, Inc., and its CEO, Kim Brandi accusing Elements of trademark infringement and unfair competition. Globefill then tried to prevent distribution of KAH™ Tequila in the United States by filing a motion for preliminary injunction.

On June 18, 2010, the Central District Court of California issued an order granting Elements Spirits' Motion to Dismiss Globefill's allegations without prejudice and put forth the order to deny Globefill's Motion for Preliminary Injunction without prejudice.

With this milestone legal triumph combined with strong industry support, Brandi and Elements are moving forward with a national distribution rollout immediately. "I want to humbly thank distributors, retailers, industry professionals and consumer tequila enthusiasts for their support of KAH™ Tequila through all of their emails, letters, calls of encouragement, blogs and discussion boards," says Brandi. "We are so grateful that this support helped ensure KAH™ will enjoy a long, fruitful life in the marketplace."

About Elements Spirits, Inc.
Mixing quality and innovation with culture and heritage: Elements Spirits' "cocktail" for success. Elements Spirits', a California Corporation and producer of KAH™ Tequila, foundation rests on its team's interlocking strengths: tight collaboration, fresh ideas, branding expertise, industry experience, and seasoned management.

Elements Spirits' value is founded in a business posture that embraces innovation dedication, and integrity, at both business and personal levels. This mind-set is represented by an uplifting approach that is reflected in the product branding and resonates from the Founder's level through distribution networks and on to consumers.

Elements Spirits' strategy is to establish strong visual branding that is edgy, but culturally very traditional. Always enticing product presentation, while holding steadfast to a standard of product quality, which exceeds price.

Contact: Ruth Hackman
(949) 625-2505 x102
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