Luck is Here! Colorado Based Start-Up Launches Handcrafted Tequila Brand – Suerte Tequila

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Luck is Here! Colorado Based Start-Up Launches Handcrafted Tequila Brand – Suerte Tequila

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Suerte Tequila - Luck is Here!

Boulder, CO — Suerte Tequila debuts with their trio of 100% pure Blue Weber Agave Tequilas. The Suerte line has been carefully handcrafted to appeal to today’s modern Tequila drinker while maintaining a high level of authenticity. Suerte Blanco, Reposado and Anejo are now in full production in the highlands of Jalisco Mexico where Suerte’s Master Distiller uses traditional methods such as slow cooking in an Horno (brick oven), gradual fermentation and the use of a Tahona to create a truly unique tequila experience.

Boulder based entrepreneurs, Laurence Spiewak and Lance Sokol co-founded and built their new brand out of a strong desire to offer consumers a progressive yet authentic tequila. What makes this tequila different? Suerte Tequila is small batch, single estate; double distilled and is packaged in a bottle decorated with a one of a kind hand drawn rabbit logo. Infused with pure spring water and the finest agave, all three varieties have an incredibly smooth finish and pleasant, unique flavors.

As CEO, Laurence Spiewak provides the marketing vision, strategy, and brand building guidance for Suerte Tequila. Formerly the COO at Suuthe, LLC and General Manager at Boulder based Pangea Organics, Laurence brings a strong understanding of the consumer goods industry. His recent involvement in the launch of Boulder based Made Movement’s flash sales site also lends to his skill set for starting, building and growing businesses.

“The story being told through the Suerte Tequila brand is truly innovative and brings a sense of creativity and levity to an industry that’s steeped in firm traditions” says Spiewak. “Our intention is to provide consumers with an authentic tequila experience that looks and feels modern. People always seem to be thrilled by our branding, it’s really exciting to see how they react.”

As COO Lance Sokol provides the operational, logistical, and financial vision for the Suerte Tequila brand. Formerly the Director of Operations at Longmont based Madhava Natural Sweeteners and Boulder based Pangea Organics, Lance brings a strong understanding of the operational requirements of both small and large consumer goods companies. He received his MBA with a sustainability focus from The Bainbridge Graduate Institute in Washington State. Lance’s high educational achievement and career experience combined with being born and raised in Mexico City give him the skills needed to successfully build and operate Suerte Tequila.

“In order to have a truly pure and premium quality tequila you must fundamentally work with the purest, traditional methods of distilling” says Sokol. “The use of the highest quality agave plants, a mason brick oven and the traditional Tahona will provide amazing agave juices that will then result in a superior distilled tequila.”

Suerte Tequila has forged a partnership with a family run distillery and agave grower to obtain the finest Blue Weber Agave plants and their tequila is created with the pure spring waters of Atotonilco El Alto, in the highlands of Jalisco. Sought after and coveted by the greatest tequila makers in the world, these crystal clear waters are infused into every sip of Suerte Tequila.

The Suerte line is now available through CTS Distributing in Denver, Colorado.

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