Tarantula Tequila Proves 100 Proof is Better

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Tarantula Tequila
Tarantula 100 Plata Tequila
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Tarantula Plata and Tarantula Reposado now 100 proof and made with 100 percent blue agave

The top 100….100 percent. Tarantula Tequila proved that 100 is better with the recent launch of their newly developed 100 proof and 100 percent pure agave tequilas. Tarantula Tequila joined the fiesta on Cinco de Mayo, when they introduced their Reposado 100 and Plata 100 throughout the USA.

"The new Tarantula 100 series offers consumers the quality of 100 percent blue agave with the strength of 100 proof, for a taste sensation that offers more character and body, and is unexpectedly smooth for 100 proof," said Vic Morrison, Vice President of Marketing at McCormick Distilling, distributors of Tarantula Tequila. "We wanted to offer tequila lovers an exceptional liquid at an accessible price point and we're proud that we've achieved this with the Tarantula 100 series."

Crafted with pure agave from the Leyros Distillery fields and distilled with years of tradition, Tarantula Tequila boasts the finest 100 percent agave tequila available within Mexico. The Tarantula Plata 100 offers a clean, fresh taste that is then aged in the highest quality oak barrels to produce the more complex, amber colored Tarantula Reposado 100.

To celebrate the heritage and authenticity of tequila's designated point of origin, Tarantula Tequila enhanced their label to prominently feature the colors of the Mexican flag on their bottles. This new label showcases Tequila's national pride.

Tarantulas Plata 100 and Tarantula Reposado 100 are now available nationwide, retailing for approximately $17.99 for a 750ml bottle. Enjoyed neat, as a shot, on the rocks or in a cocktail, Tarantula Tequila reminds you to please enjoy responsibly.

About McCormick Distilling Company

McCormick Distilling, located in historic Weston, Missouri, was founded in 1856 and is the oldest continuously operated distillery in the U.S. The McCormick portfolio of products includes nationally and internationally distributed brands such as McCormick Vodka, Tequila Rose, Tarantula Tequila, McCormick Irish Cream, Keke Beach and Montego Bay. Additional information on the privately-held corporation may be found at www.mccormickdistilling.com.  Additional recipes and information is available at www.tarantulatequila.com or www.facebook.com/tarantulateq.

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