Two New Extra Añejo Tequilas Added to the Siembra Azul Family

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Siembra Azul Tequilas, Suro & Pinera Extra Anejo

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Danya Henninger

In addition to owning Rittenhouse high-end Mexican dining room Tequilas, David Suro-Piñera is a tequila expert and the founder of liquor company Siembra Azul. This month, Siembra Azul is adding two new tequilas to its lineup, and both are extra Añejo (aka aged longer than usual - and "extra tasty," in our own, tequila-loving opinion).

The Siembra Azul portfolio already includes a Blanco (unaged), a Reposado (aged 2-12 months) and a regular Añejo (aged 1-3 years), and now you can also find Suro Extra Añejo. The newcomer is aged for five years in charred virgin casks made from oak of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, and the resulting liquor is deep gold and full of complex flavor. Only 480 bottles of Siembra Azul Suro are available in this limited edition bottling.

Also available now - but in extremely limited quantity - is Piñera Extra Añejo. This tequila was culled from Siembra Azul’s very first production run in 2005, and has been aging on charred virgin French oak barrels for the past seven years. Tasters say the resulting spirit has flavors reminiscent of Sauternes, the prized French wine. Only 130 bottles of Siembra Azul Piñera are available in this limited edition bottling.

If you’re itching for a sip, both the new (old) tequilas will soon be available via the PLCB - the Suro on shelves at Wine and Spirits stores and the Piñera via special order. Also, we hear at least one bottle has made its way to the shelves behind the bar at Tequilas, so make plans to swing by 16th and Locust for a cocktail or two before dinner sometime soon.

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