Celestial Tequila Anejo

T September 12, 2012
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Celestial Tequila Anejo

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Tequila Celestial Añejo

Tequila Celestial Añejo is 100% Blue Agave produced in Amatitan, Jalisco. Double distilled and aged for 18 months in Kentucky bourbon barrels, Tequila Celestial Añejo is a full bodied favorite, suggestive of the finer things in life.

For over 60 years the Montes family has been perfecting the craft of producing small batches of hand man artisan tequilas. Tequila Celestial was born of this rich history passed down through four generations. Our blue agave plants are grown on a single estate owned and run by these 4th generation agave farmers and distillers. Our land has more than 2,000 acres of sustainably maintained agave plants in the low-land of Amatitan, Mexico. We harvest only the most mature plants, often taking 8-10 years to reach the right size.

After harvest, our hand selected piñas are traditionally baked in stone ovens, bringing out the agave’s natural sweetness and robust flavor. Sweet agave juice is then pressed from the baked piñas, filtered and fermented 100% naturally without yeast, taking 7-10 days longer than yeast enhanced fermentation. The extra time is worth the wait, producing some of the smoothest and best tasting tequila available at any price. For added purity, our tequilas are double distilled in stainless vats, and then clarified through cold filtration. Double distillation maintains the flavor profiles of the sweet agave without leaving a strong alcohol essence in the palate. Finally, our tequilas are estate bottled using triple filtered well water that only enhances the sweet top notes of each variety.

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