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Anejos T September 14, 2011 131034
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It is an interesting spirit.

It is neither Anjeo or Blanco, but a "mix" of both that becomes neither.
In short, I like it.
If I had to choose, I would go with the anjeo because it is a little bit more of a complete experience.

The color: clear, indistinguishable front he blanco except the DJ70 has thicker legs.

The aroma: light wood, pepper, banana & fruit, and a hint of chocolate. It is a bolder aroma than the anejo or 1942. And I can smell a little more alcohol than anything else in their line too, but it isn't overpowering.

Initial taste: reminds me a little of the blanco (maybe because it is so different from any other anejo i've ever had) but then is overwhelmed by a tidal wave of butterscotch and vanilla that ends with MARSHMALLOW! There is a slight overtone of wood that covers the entire flavor. It is good but confusing. It is almost like the battle between blanco and Anejo isn't settles and it is at war within itself.

Finish: Light with a little spice and just a hint of agave (I'd like more agave on the finish).

Price: I got it for $54, which at my best price store is only about $6 more than the anjeo. Most places have it marked up a lot more (around $60-70) and I know a place i can get Don Julio 1942 for about $84, so for me, that price puts it too close to DJ1942 for this experience to be worth it.

I'll say this. It is very interesting. And it isn't like anything I've had before. It is better and cheaper than Patron Platinum.

The really lacking part is the finish. I bought a bottle and now that I near the end I like it more and more, I taste it side by side with the Blanco & the Anjeo and It is an interesting experience. My opinion definitely shifts back and forth. I like both the blanco and the Anejo better. It might not be your favorite, but it is unique and different and definitely worth a try! There aren't too many other NEW tequilas that are at this price point. I say give it a try.
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