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Anejos T April 12, 2008 49722
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Okay - I see the 3 reviews are extremely diverse and I want to add my opinion. My girlfriend and I just got back from a trip to Jalisco in mid-June (2012). We visited the Corralejo Distillery in Guanajuato, one state over from Jalisco. It was a fascinating ride from Arandas to the small town of Corralejo. This town is the birthplace of Miguel Hidalgo, the patron saint of the Mexican revolution. There is a giant monument in the center of town which is quite inspiring. Anyway, the distillery is just a couple of kilometers away from the monument and they have guided tours on demand. Having been on several distillery tours I can say this is the best one I ever taken. Maybe we were lucky but the plant was in full production with every step being active. There is a small store offering company products for sale as well as some local candy treats. I saw at least 40 bottles of Grand Corralejo and our "Gang of 4" bought one each. They got back to Virginia and North Carolina, respectively, in one piece except my crown lost the upper part of its cross. I glued it back on. Now - as to the tequila, I love all the Corralejo products because they are mild in flavor with good agave and fruit overtones. There is no intrusion from the aging process; a light creamy color with no viscosity to speak of. I have gotten into the habit of tasting a new tequila and then adding a drop or two of fresh lime to the glass. For me personally, this usually heightens the taste. Your taste buds may vary. As I remember, the bottle cost around $65.00. Grand Corralejo is an excellent example of a tequila carefully managed through every step of it life. Is there a negative - well, the crown-shaped bottle is hard to pour from. I hope to have this problem, again and again, for the rest of my life.
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