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Anejos T February 11, 2007 47374
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Keep in mind, I'm not a refined connoisseur of fine tequila. I went to my local liquor store looking for a nice sipping tequila. Of course, the first question he asked was how much I wanted to spend. I said I would like to keep my cost below $100. As a guide, I told him i've tried several of Don Julio's selections and found the Real to be very smooth but I didn't like the pepp er after taste. my guide said the Don Felipe doesn't carry the big names as Don Julio, Jose Cuervo and Patron but this Paradiso is very smooth. I don't like to spend big bucks just to try out a specific bottle and living in Kansas, very few tequila tasting are available. My guide cut me a very good price on a bottle of the Paradiso to under $100 tax included. When I popped it and poured it on the rocks (yea I know, don't do that on the first try), the aroma was very pleasing. the first sip sloshed around in my mouth was very exciting with all of the different feelings on my tongue. The finish was smooth with a little spice and no bite. Overall, if you're looking for a very good tequila for sipping, this one gets my vote. On the other hand, if you're looking for a tequila to make margaritas, Jose Cuervo Tradicional can't be beat for $18.99. Forget about that nasty Jose Cuervo Gold, that has turned off more people off of tequila (bad hangover). Next up, my guide says the Jose Cuervo reserve is kick ass but is at $149, maybe for Christmas.
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