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Anejos T January 25, 2007 24496
Tre Rios Tequila Anejo
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The first thing that attracted me to this tequila was the box it came in. On the top and sides it said "Tlaquepaque Tequila." Well, I had been to this suburb of Guadalajara and I never saw Tres Rios there. I bought the bottle in Salisbury, Maryland and brought it back home (Va. Beach, Va.) to taste test. This was about three years ago in 2010. Over the past few years I have purchased a lot of tequila and sometimes it takes me an extended period of time to write up my tasting reviews. This is the case with Tres Rios.
Let me say that I am always suspicious when a tequila is introduced with an endorsement from a famous person. The term "Kiss of Death" comes to mind, but I am open-minded and try just about everything - so here goes. In a Riedel glass, Tre Rios Anejo has a nice honey/champagne color. The legs are varied and do not run symmetrically down the glass. Giving the tequila sufficient time - there remains spotting, like rain drops on a window pane. Aromatics are light with fruit, toffee and butterscotch overtones. The initial taste is quiet alcoholic and the liquid coats the tongue. teeth and palate. I tasted spices, leather, wood and possibly a bit of smoke. In other words, this tequila smelled one way and tasted another. On the finish or second swallow - the alcohol remained strong and lingered throughout the tasting. Tres Rios Anejo is a good tequila (at a reasonable price) and the bottle lends itself to pouring caballitos again and again. Really good to sip with sangrita between glasses. I add a few drops of lime to each shot - just to mellow the taste.
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