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Anejos T December 11, 2006 266927
sweet and woody
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Initial Taste
Sampled out of the newer, sleek tapered brown bottle.

First of all, I normally don't enjoy anejos. I think woodiness and caramel and butterscotch should be only minutely present in my tequila.

Aroma: butterscotchy-vanilla-creamy-caramel, oak, hint of agave and pepper. Nicely wrapped together.

Initial: sweetness, oak, fresh yellow pepper, hint of agave. Also nicely wrapped together.

Body: The mouthfeel is really nice, but I personally don't mind a silky thin liquor anyway. This one's a tad heavier than medium, with no alcoholic burn! just enough to remind you it's alcoholic... in fact, I've had some heavy mixed drinks that had the same amount of burn. Very pleasant body overall.

Finish: much nicer than initial and body; oak and sweetness take a backseat with oak and agave coming forth. I like this finish a lot, but it's a bit faint for what I would prefer.

Enjoyability and price: Even though I wasn't overjoyed, I was happy I got to try this. I probably wouldn't buy it for myself at $100.

I was honestly disappointed with this sample. Perhaps it was an old bottle? Until the aftertaste reminded me, it didn't taste like tequila. In fact, it was initially like a sweet single malt scotch. The aroma and taste didn't impress me, but I liked the finishing notes and aftertaste duration. It's a fantastic transition for someone who normally doesn't drink tequila, or someone who drinks bourbons and whiskeys. And apparently a lot of tequila fans and reviewers love the stuff. The more I tasted it, the more I kept hoping to find more citrus or familiar agave spiciness. I found that the flavors I tasted during and after each sip were very consistent. I like something that keeps me guessing, but doesn't go overboard. Don't get me wrong: you get plenty of pleasant flavors with such small sips, it's just lacking the flavor profile I prefer.
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