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Blancos T September 02, 2012 26723
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Normally, I try to approach every tasting with an open mind. However, when a tequila is released with the main promoter saying it doesn't taste like gasoline and other statements that clearly show a lack of understanding that is the elegant spirit of tequila, I'll admit that skepticism creeps in. Generally you keep distilling something to take flavors/impurities out. Bonita is 5 times distilled which just made me expect agave vodka. Perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised...

Aroma: Earthy agave, but with a bit more softness than the ones that smell like cement or a mud pit. There's a sweetness there, but it's faint.

Initial Taste: A very mild agave sweetness with a hint of white pepper.

Body: The body of this tequila changes the taste completely. There is no longer a softness. There’s a giant peppery kick that takes you completely by surprise.

Finish: It lasts a long time. Strong vegetal and pepper notes last much longer than I expected.

This is not a blanco for rookies and it's not bland at all. The aroma fools you a it, but as it advances on your palate you get a huge spicy punch and some green notes to compliment. It's a confusing tequila. Juices from NOM 1137 tend to be a bit more green and earthy, but the 5x distillation takes a lot of that out. In all honesty, this is a decent tequila. However, if you factor in the $100 price tag, you just leave this on the shelf. It can compete in the $30 range, but it is blown out of the water by most other options in the luxury price category.
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