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Luna Nueva Tequila Silver
Blancos T November 13, 2012 6253
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NOTE: As with many newer brands, I recommend letting this open up for a day or two before giving final judgment. My review is based on a bottle that has been open for a week or more. It was a *little* chemically on first opening.

The nose on this eludes me a little. I started this tasting review in a small snifter, but I couldn't get a good nose on it, so I transferred the contents to a Riedel, but after a strong start, the nose faded again. Anyway, what I do get in the nose is mostly cooked agave, but some white pepper as well, and maybe a slight herbaceousness...but slight. I think this might have a pretty good nose, but it's a little weak and hard to peg.

Sweetness is the first taste that hits my tongue, and the white pepper continues along for the ride. The body is a nice medium weight with this blanco; it is oilier than most modern blancos IMO.

The finish on this is sort of multi-faceted to me. The initial finish is a quick heat right in the back of my throat, and then it fades quickly. But then it hits me again down in my gut. This may, however, be due to drinking it on an empty stomach. :) The aftertaste is pleasant, but not very strong or lingering. In that respect, it's like the nose - somewhat elusive.

Overall, it is enjoyable and a nice tequila for the price. The bottle is basic, but artful. I do think they could come up with a better image of the moon for their sticker. How about a full moon or crescent moon instead of an almost new moon that is mostly black? Wait...Luna Nueva means 'new moon', so they are actually on point...nevermind. The synthetic cork works well, and has a little notch that sort 'clicks' into place when pressed into the neck of the bottle.

Since I can find this locally, it might become a staple. I'll bet it makes a good margarita.
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