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Extra Anejos T December 31, 2006 118928
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I hesitate to give this tequila all 100s only because of my limited experience with super-premium tequilas! I have tried Cabo Uno reserva (up until now my favorite) and Corralejo Extra Anejo, Deleon Reposado, and Asom Broso 11 month Reposado. Otherwise, my two favorite drink-all-the-time tequilas are Cabo Wabo and Partida Reposados.

I picked up a botlle of this for $199 (which is a good deal considering the next-cheapest price I'd seen it for was $300!- which is what I based my price rating on.) It arrived in a box with a printed cardboard sheath, the box seemingly made of a cork-like substance, with two swing-type latches. The gorgeous bottle rests in a red-velvet foam cutout at an angle. There was a gold thread wrapped scroll inside (written in Spanish, of course) and the only sentence I translated was "The Best tequila in the World!" I can't disagree with that at this point! The nose was not overpowering, hinting at the sweetness to come. Initial taste was very smooth. I'm not experience enought to use terms like "agave" "wood" "spice" and the like, but suffice to say the whole experience from start to finish was sublime. No alcohol burn, with a caramel-like aftertaste. I proclaimed to my friends that I may like it better than Uno (and almost didn't make it out of the room) but I haven't tasted Uno for a few months. I have a bottled coming soon, and will do a side by side taste test and see. Oh- and the foam liner can be removed from the box and you have a felt-lined keepsake box! Very nice.

I will definately pick up another one of these if I find it in the same price range again!
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