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Extra Anejos T December 24, 2007 37102
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AsomBroso Vintage Extra Anejo (11yr age). Tasted 8/19/08, 1:30pm at Pueblo Viejo in Hollywood from a snifter. I paid $100 for the shot.

The tequila is amber/brown in color and the aroma is very sweet. Intense floral and vanilla scents fill the nose. Secondary aromas include caramel or maybe even butterscotch.

AsomBroso 11yr is very mellow upon entry. It has a medium to oily feel in the mouth - very much in contrast to my expectation of a heavier syrupy consistency. It is VERY sweet with no hint of bitterness. There is more retention of agave notes than I expected, but it is in no way a foreground flavor.

The flavor in this tequila screams vanilla, wood, and caramel. Even with 11 years in the barrel, I have to question the possible use of vanilla extract here as a mellowing agent. I don't know how they could achieve this result without it. It finishes with a long duration of flavor and virtually no trace of alcohol.

This is far and away the smoothest tequila I have ever tried. It is also one of the sweetest. AsomBroso 11yr drinks like a desert and would be at home with the finest cognacs or ports for after dinner. I have to say that this tequila is a triumph and was a big surprise for me.

The availability may put this tequila out of reach for some and the price may put it out of reach for even more. But if you have the opportunity to try this tequila, do yourself a favor and go for it.
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