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Extra Anejos T December 31, 2006 119656
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Like all Tequilas, Seleccion Suprema is made from blue agave tequilana weber (agave). The agave is harvested after at least 7 years and then cooked in stone ovens for several hours. Then the juices are extracted, fermented and double distilled into 110 proof. Finally it is set in oak barrels for three years diluted with water to 80 proof and now we have Selleccion Suprema. The first thing that strikes you about Seleccion Suprema is the seductive aroma of the agave and the rich oak presence. It is the scent of caramel and strong vanilla, of the coffee beans with a touch of chocolate that lingers in the palate. In short, part of heaven in a bottle... Now that the aroma part of the exercise has ended, a little about the actual flavor of the tequila. This is simply heaven for me, being an avid lover of tequila in all its many forms (blanco, joven, reposado and anejo). The rich sweetness of the agave contrasts well with the tannins that dry your mouth. Strong without having the bite of mixtos, this tequila confirms the aromas which we identified before, this is an extremely complex alcohol. While I know that some of the more traditional tequila drinkers out there will be disturbed by so much aging and will say that a blanco or a light reposado is the real thing, taste of true tequila. I find that Seleccion Suprema gives a good balance between the agave and the wood, fabulously aromatic and long lasting. Perfect for the end to a long day just at room temperature served in a cognac snifter to be swirled and sipped. For those margarita lovers this is not the tequila you want to use, it will be a waste of a beautiful spirit to combine it with anything. Only to drink by itself? The presentation surpassed only by a few cognacs and maybe one or two tequilas, the bottle is crystal with a wonderful design, perfect for a collector of fine spirits. One of the classiest tequilas must-have for anyone who enjoys high-end spirits, not for every day but for special occasions since price is very steep ($250 to $300 a bottle of 750ml).
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