San Matias Tequila Reposado

T March 15, 2007
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San Matias Tequila Reposado

San Matias Reposado Tequila

San Matias Reposado Tequila - In Magdalena, town of Jalisco, was located the ranch San Matias, owned by Don Delfino Gonzalez. At the end of XIX century, most of the land was used to cultivate blue agave, which was processed to obtain a very refined tequila. At the beginning, this tequila was only produced for consumption by friends and employees of Don Delfino. But the special taste of this product, the increase of demand, and the innate sense of the great entrepreneurs of that time, brought him to increase the production of tequila which eventually became the main activity of the ranch. This is how the brand and history came to be. Nowadays, the different brands of tequila of "Casa San Matias" are being preferred and recognized all over the world, because of their quality and fine taste.

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