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I am a self-proclaimed tequila professional drinker. I've tried all of the tequilas on the market and I keep returning to Casa Noble. Occasionally if I see a bottle of new tequila I've never tried, I will purchase it just for the fun of something new, but I have Casa Noble always in the center of my bar. While the amazing flavor of tequila is the combination of many different aromas, and distinct flavors of agave, Casa Noble Reposado has found a unique combination of strong agave, citrus, fresh herbs and cherry that surround the taste buds and palate. Because it?s aged in white oak you also get a combination of vanilla, caramel and coffee bean which rounds up the taste. Casa Noble Reposado like in general with premium spirits it is very complex and in order to fully appreciate you need culture your palate. From my experience, I have found that no matter the drink the flavors come alive when the liquid is held in the mouth for a few seconds and you slowly breath through your mouth and exhale through the nose, as with wine. This allows the tequila to flow and fill the mouth and the nasal passages. High-end tequilas are best served room temperature in a Riedel tequila glass, which complements it nicely. If you are serving a margarita, chill the glasses before hand by filling them with ice water while you are preparing it. Please note that if you are going to make a mixed drink with Casa Noble, use only the best quality and put less mix in than the drink calls for and use only fresh limes. Nothing ruins a fine spirit that overpowering it with too much cheap mix, treat it with the respect it deserves. You can also make very nice tasting martinis with tequila, some people call them tequinis or tequilinis. Do it just as you would a normal martini just substitute the gin or vodka with tequila. Tequila can be served before, during or after the meal. Although I would suggest Casa Noble Reposado for during the meal, it is a great complement to a wide variety of foods. Casa Noble Silver (Crystal) before the meal and Casa Noble Anejo after the meal.
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