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Reposados T August 26, 2007 47517
Los Arango Reposado: smoother than expected...
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Okay so FIRST OFF I'd like to express my confusion over the previous reviews of this tequila... both reviewers state that Los Arango resposado is " of their favorite reps..." and yet both are vague/extremely harsh with their scoring. (One of the reviewers gave this juice an 82???)
IMHO this is a shining example of a reposado and at the price I payed I'd be hard pressed to find one of better quality. I payed $17 (May have been a special) at MEGA in Puerto Vallarta for a fifth of this tequila and I was taken back by the quality. This is a sipper, quite smooth and elegant, perhaps too elegant for those that enjoy the intensity of blancos (I actually prefer Reposado tequila over other types...).
This is also a very versatile tequila that can be sipped or used for a first class margarita. It doesn't really have any standout flavors and the alcohol is subtle. Theres a sense of earthiness and and a hint of mint and hay on the nose. On the palate Los Arango is thin yet smooth with very little sweetness. One who actually enjoys the taste of tequila will likely enjoy it's tasteful earthiness, those expecting sweetness and complexity should search for an affordable ANEJO to sip on. Either way the finish was very smooth.
In short, the price I payed ($17 USD) was more than worth it, but I have seen this tequilla go for $50 in the US and it is more average when placed in that price bracket. That being said, the blue bottle is a nice addition to any collection with a leather plate & metal agave insignia adorning the front. Los Arango's ornamental value alone might make it worth a try for collectors.
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