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Full of sweetness...too much so
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The controversial agave child of the fall of 2013. Donkey Piss tequila has garnered a lot of attention because of its name. While they assure that although the name is silly, they are very serious about the tequila. They'd better be because the $50 price tag is playing in a range of some really stellar brands. It comes out of NOM 1534 (Compañia Destiladora de Xamay, S.A. de C.V.) which makes Capaz and Diosa amongst others. Ultimately the name has been great for the marketing and PR... let's find out what the contents of the bottle taste like.

Price: $50/bottle

Aroma: Light agave, strong vanilla and light apple scent.

Initial Taste: Vanilla, yellow cake batter and some baking spice. On the sweeter side.

Body: Medium oils and color on the body of this juice. The taste is similar to the aforementioned flavors. Sweetness is prominent and there's not a lot of plant essence or peppery spice.

Finish: The finish fades away quicky. The light sweetness lingers a bit, but disappears in fairly short order. Very easy to drink, but not a big linger on the finish.

Donkey Piss is a classic American palate flavoring tequila. It's on the sweeter side and triple filtered so that only the sweetness is left and the spicy kick and agave edge are muted. The branding is confusing with the phrases of "get pissed," at a price caters to a sipping crowd. The brand name has been offensive to some, but I think that they're marketing to a crowd that isn't full of traditionalists. The flavor profile isn't one that is going to appeal to those want a natural vegetal or earth profile either. This tequila is made for those who want the sweet & smooth juice. All in all, it's very easy to drink, but at the $50 price tag makes it tough to recommend considering the competition in that price range.
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