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The two "faces" of Herradura Reposado
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Tasted 02/11/15 from a Riedel Tequila Glass.

These tasting notes are from 3 different tastings. The first time I tried it from a new bottle I just opened it had a strong odor of alcohol and perhaps acetone. The initial taste was compromised by this odor. I thought this was rather unbelievable for a popular premium tequila that has garnered so many awards. I tried it two more times on successive evenings and it was a completely different spirit.

The bouquet of a spirit is the complex, vaporous scent(s) released when a bottle is opened. It is derived from volatile esters, ethers, acids and other organic compounds formed during fermentation and aging. The bouquet may rapidly dissipate or be slowly released, but when gone the spirit is left with aroma, the fragrance of the fruit the spirit was made from.

Volatile organic compounds found in tequila include different alcohols, esters, aldehydes, acids. The amount and type depends on the fermentation process and on the type of oak barrel used in the aging process, the length of aging, and whether or not the barrel was “charred or toasted” first. (Ref. “The Chemistry Of Using Wooden Oak Barrels To Age Spirits’” by Steve Mayes on July 17, 2013). By the way, it is the ester compounds that give tequila its various flavors such as vanilla, orange, pear, mint, floral, etc.

What apparently happened here (and with some other tequilas I’ve had) is the volatile organic compounds were released when the bottle was first opened and during the subsequent tasting, hence the alcohol and acetone odor. These volatile compounds had apparently dissipated by the time of the second tasting leaving the true aroma of the tequila. The tasting notes below are based on the later two tastings.

Appearance: Clear amber color
Aroma: A very nice complex aroma of sweet agave, oak, caramel, orange, ginseng (earthy wood) with a slight scent of alcohol.
Initial Taste: Rich flavors of roasted agave, caramel, and spices with smoke and earth notes and pleasant alcohol heat.
Body: Medium body with slow tears on the glass that formed beads and a light buttery mouth feel which nicely blended the flavors. Overall, a nice rich flavor profile.
Finish: A medium finish of earthy agave, oak and spice that lingers on the tongue, with a pleasant agave kick.
Price: RRP of $41.99
Presentation: A nice heavy decanter shaped bottle and stylish lettering.

This is a nice premium reposado widely available and often at a price discounted from the RRP of $41.99. However, if the bottled has just been opened make sure to let the drink breath for a while before tasting it to get the true aroma of the spirit.
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