Alipus Mezcal Joven - San Juan

T August 12, 2012
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Alipus Mezcal Joven - San Juan

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Agave Species
San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca
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Tasting Awards
2012 Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Joven Mezcal
2012 Awards - Best of the Best

Alipus Mezcal Joven - San Juan del Rio

Alipus Mezcal Joven - San Juan del Rio: fermented in oak vats & distilled by Don Joel Cruz from non-irrigated Agave Espadín grown in sunny mountain-top plantings in ferriferous soil at 4600 feet. Fruity, rich, smokey, pleasantly sweet.

Alipus Mezcal offerings are 100% Agave produced in remote pueblos in Oaxaca’s noted Mezcal region, via craft production from artisanal family distilleries. Agaves are wood-roasted in palenques (conical below-ground ovens), with juice extraction by slow stone-milling (tahona). Fermentation takes place with native yeasts in open wooden vats, and is completed by double-distillation in small wood-fired copper pot stills.

There are currently four distilleries producing Alipus Mezcals, three of which are qualified to export. These limited release Mezcals are now available in the United States (7/2012), and for under $50 per bottle, the quality for price is incredible.

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