Del Maguey Arroqueno Mezcal Blanco

T September 28, 2012
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Del Maguey Arroqueno Mezcal Blanco

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Del Maguey
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Del Maguey Arroqueño Mezcal Blanco

Del Maguey Arroqueño is a special edition Mezcal made from giant semi-wild, maguey Arroqueño is dedicated to Thor Heyerdahl, Biologist, Explorer and great human being. The magueys were roasted in a conical pit over hot rocks, buried with earth for three days, fermented with nothing but airborne microbes for thirty days, then twice distilled very slowly in an ancient clay still with bamboo tubing the original, centuries-old Oaxacan, hand-crafted way. Only 360 bottles produced, bottled unblended with no water added.

Del Maguey (pronounced ma–gay), Single Village Mezcal was founded in 1995 by internationally renowned artist and mezcal visionary, Ron Cooper, bringing the world previously unavailable 100% certified organic, artisanal mezcal produced the original handcrafted way. Through deep cultural relationships with Zapotec Mexican Indian producers in the remote villages of Oaxaca, Mexico, Del Maguey harnesses ancient, original organic processes that combined with varying micro-climates and terroir give each creation its unique, rich, sweet and smoky character. Every product in our collection is made by individual family palenqueros (producers) in old-style villages. We are the first Bodega in more than 500 hundred years of mezcal production that has credited the name of each village where our liquid is made.

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