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El Señorio Mezcal Joven con Gusano

T February 12, 2007
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El Señorio Mezcal Joven con Gusano

Mezcal Review

El Senorio

El Señorio Joven con Gusano

The final gem of this Mezcal line, El Señorio Joven con Gusano, is the most traditional of Mezcal’s, known as a Blanco. It is bottled immediately after a two part distillation process using copper containers that produce a clean spirit largely free of impurities. It is rewarded with two gusanos that remarkably do not alter in any way the transparent clean color that it has. A sudden warmth of astringency with tones of grassiness and oregano like bitterness engulf the mouth but a lingering sweetness sometimes reminiscent of a fresh peach surprises your taste buds as you begin to realize this mezcal holds the balance of acidity and bitterness.

Age: Bottled immediately after distillation.
Color: Bright luminous crystalline with shades of silver and ice blue.
Bouquet: Intense herbal with touches of mint and after thought of smokiness.
Body: Robust well endowed with character of flavour and texture.
Palate: Potent but smooth with tremendous staying power and light touches of olive.

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