Wahaka Mezcal Joven Ensamble

T November 02, 2011
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Wahaka Mezcal Joven Ensamble

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Tasting Awards
2011 TEQUILA.net Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Joven Mezcal
2011 TEQUILA.net Awards - Best of the Best

Wahaka Mezcal Joven Ensamble

40% ABV (80 Proof); 50% Espadin / 25% Tobala / 25% Madre Cuishe

Simply put, Wahaka Mezcal Joven Ensamble series is a magical Mezcal that trans-mutates in your mouth. “This one is a marvel”, quotes Maestro Alberto, who proudly serves this Mezcal for those who appreciate variety in Agaves. As you raise the glass close to your nose, the aroma is 100% Tobala with its distinctive floral expression. As you sip and swish it around, it continues to take the characteristics of a Tobala, with the distinguishable explosion of floral and herbaceous flavors that expand into every corner and crevice in your mouth, the tongue, the palate, and even your gums. Suddenly and without warning, the taste clearly transforms into a Madre Cuishe, which is characterized by earth flavors, mineral tones and citrus complements, and the numbness is then transported and concentrated on the roof of your mouth and the tip of your tongue. This joyous experience continues thanks to the long finish both Agaves afford. Throughout this transmutation, the noble Espadin simply serves as the carrying vessel of its dominant brethren, the mediator who allows their respective virtues to spring out in an orderly and wholesome fashion.

The Wahaka Mezcal Ensamble is a supreme mix of our best varieties. The unique mixture can be found with no other brand, which gives it a one-of-kind taste. Lovers of the ensemble find this great for pairing with such a variety of foods and delicacies that you will always find a bottle of this close by.

About Wahaka Mezcal
Wahaka is crafted in San Dionisio Ocotepec (located in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca in the District of Tlacolula, 16º48´ N 96º24´ W, 1,670 meters above sea level). Founded in 1610, this village has sat at the epicenter of Mezcal country throughout the spirit’s existence. Within the village of San Dionisio, the Morales family has perfected the art of Mezcal creation over generations. Today, young maestro Alberto is the principal author of our label, managing the family’s five stills and overseeing the process from harvest to market.

A key distinguishing factor of Wahaka is that we take pride in focusing on the Mezcales – not their aging. With the exception of the Reposado Gusano (which is a nice complement to our line up), all our Mezcales are “Jovenes” (in Tequilaspeak: “Blanco”). This allows the Mezcal to be tasted and felt without the interference of any wood. In other words, we do not focus on providing Mezcal aged in casks; in fact, our preference is to avoid contaminating the taste of Agave with wood. The reasons for this are many: Mezcal already contains cooked Agaves so it can be smokey or peaty at times, Mezcal can be made from many varieties of Agaves, and each Agave has a completely distinct set of properties, flavors, aromas and sensations. So as far as Wahaka goes, if you want the good stuff: Go Wild!

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