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Ready To Drink T June 10, 2010 32160
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New Mix paloma is a wonderfully refreshing drink, especially in hot weather. It's not a malt-based beverage like all of the other American ready-to-drink choices. This is actually grapefruit soda with a good mid-level silver tequila from casa herradura. I used to buy this stuff all the time in Mexico, it tastes great! And this is the exact same recipe that they market south of the border - it essentially tastes like grapefruit soda with a hint of tequila. I think the mix is outstanding for premade. It's hard to make a fresh paloma that's more than a tiny bit better than this. Considering that, I think this rtd beverage is a great one to keep around if you like citrus drinks. I rated it 60/100 on price because I think 6.99 is slightly high for only 4 cans. I've seen this product selling from $6.49 up to $7.99 per four-pack, with the majority of retailers marking it at $6.99. A little high on cost, but remember you're buying a real mixed drink in a can, not some watered down malt-based drink or wine cooler. There's a noticeable difference in quality, with New Mix paloma coming out far ahead of the other rtds on the market.
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