De Sonora Bacanora Blanco

T December 20, 2009
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De Sonora Bacanora Blanco

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Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

De Sonora Bacanora Blanco

Traditional and authentic bacanora made with traditional methods used for generations which give it the quality and taste that have made it so popular in rural areas as well as homes of connoisseurs.

The company was founded in 1950 by Don Lorenzo Garibaldi Castro, who worked mainly in the retail of Victoria® brand ethilic alcohol as well as brandies from Bacatete and Corona del Pacifico.

Back then, distillation, retail and distribution of bacanora was illegal. However, Don Lorenzo was already buying up bacanora production from the vinateros in the sierra. He would pay up-front for future production and provide vinateros with assistance and monetary support for the harvest of seed. He built a greenhouse where the plant was grown to a size appropriate for planting in soil in order to raise the number of maguey plants in the summer pastures of the sierra of Sonora. Don Lorenzo always kept his hopes that the distillation of bacanora would someday be legalized. He dreamed of one day being the first bottling company to bring a legal bacanora brand to the national and international markets, to much pride of Sonorans.

Don Lorenzo was the driving force in the bacanora project, performing several feasibility and market studies from the vinatero to the State Government with legalization in mind. In the late 70's and early 80's Don Lorenzo created a maguey plantation at the Hacienda San Marcos y Las Palomas, Ures County, Sonora, a county now protected by the Bacanora denomination bill. He awaited the future legalization of bacanora so that he would be ready to release his brand name "De Sonora". We are proud to claim De Sonora as the world's first legal bacanora brand.

On November 26, 1991, Don Lorenzo died. Just four months later, in March 1992, the production, bottling and distribution of bacanora was legalized. Today, his family is making his dream a reality by integrating the whole process, from harvesting the seed, planting and care, up to transplantation, distillation and bottling of a quality product fit for the most demanding liquor enthusiasts. Available in Blanco and Reposado varieties they boast the world's first legal bacanora brand: "De Sonora".

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