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Agave Spirit Selection
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This is one of New York’s hidden treasures in my book. The moment you come down the stairs you enter an upscale and comfortable library like setting, as the walls are lined with beautiful wooden lockers that contain countless handcrafted tequilas on display. Scattered throughout this swanky atmosphere, are many dark leather couches so you can almost kick back to unwind and relax, as this bar knows how to set the stage to experience high end tequilas and cocktails.

The warmth of this establishment is mirrored by the management, bartenders and staff as they are almost more inviting than the atmosphere itself. You will be well taken care of as they work with you to recommend tequilas and mixed drinks based on questions to understand what flavors you enjoy as well as the mood you are in. I have never experienced anything like this and I’m no amateur when it comes to the finer tequilas or mixing a fine drink. Included in this experience is a “tequila librarian” named Courtenay Greenleaf, which I would say should be referred to as a tequila sommelier. Her in-depth knowledge of the agave spirit, from the harvest, through all the various production methods, is quite impressive.

This place is a “must see” as it will not disappoint. My only fear is that it will get too crowded to enjoy as I am seeing it gain in popularity. Don’t forget to order some of the fine Latin Asian appetizers and other fusion cuisine items on their menu that is available at the bar as well as upstairs at Zengos hit restaurant, as well.
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