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Oh Tommy's...If you are looking for rare and hard to find tequilas this is the place to go. This place has the rarest selection I have ever encountered. Where else can you get Chinaco Black Label (not to be confused with Chinaco Negro, the black bottle) on a daily basis and guaranteed for years to come. The only problem is that you get a different experience dependent upon if Julio is there or not. Julio is extremely knowledgeable and can make your experience at Tommy's amazing but it spoils you for when he is not there. It is just not anywhere close to the same experience. Luckily, Julio is there on a fairly regular basis. While some of the prices are high upon first look at the menu, you have to keep in mind that Tommy's has tequila that has not been on the market in over 10 years and continues to have these rare gems. From what I am told Monday nights are the best nights to go (I will make it there on a Monday at some point). If you do make it to Tommy's make sure to join the Blue Agave Club, which is the largest tequila club in the world with members on every continent. Also, do not forget to try one of their world famous margaritas. People come from all over the world to go to Tommy's and I find myself driving for over an hour to go there as often as I possibly can. I am hooked and I am sure that upon visiting Tommy's you will be too.
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January 28, 2010
I try and make it there everytime I head to the City. Service is good and the people are nice and you can't beat those margaritas. Still working to compplete the Agave Club. Slow process considering I live on the East Coast and there are so many to try.
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