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Agave Dos Mil Tequila Blanco Grand Reserve

T January 29, 2011
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Agave Dos Mil Tequila Blanco Grand Reserve

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2012 TEQUILA.net Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Highland Blanco Tequila Judge Favorite
2012 TEQUILA.net Awards - Best of the Best

Agave Dos Mil Blanco Grand Reserve Tequila

Agave Dos Mil Blanco Grand Reserve Tequila - Agave dos Mil is produced by Destiladora El Paraiso, a company rich with experience and tradition in both, the cultivation of Agave and the production of fine Tequila.

Agave Dos Mil Grand Reserve Blanco is created from estate grown, 100% Blue Agave and distilled twice for the cleanest, purest Agave flavors and aromas.

During the late XIX century, our Great, Great, Grandfather, Don Pedro Camerena, pioneered the widespread growth of agave in the region of Jalisco, Mexico, known as "Los Altos". Likewise, his tavern in Acumbaro, a district of Jesus Maria, Jalisco became the first distillery of Tequila in the area. With the experience of five generations we proudly offer to you "Agave Dos Mil".

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(Updated: May 15, 2012)
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Agave Dos Mil Blanco * Tasted May 2012 * Riedel Tequila Glass

Appearance: clear - slow tears
Aroma: sweet roasted agave, olive / parmesan cheese
Initial Taste: roasted agave
Spirit Body: sweet agave & olive, buttery
Finish / Aftertaste: warm roasted / mint finish, long sweet agave aftertaste

The roasted Agave flavor in Agave Dos Mil is quite unique. The best way to explain it would be when you are roasting a marshmallow and it catches on fire. You quickly blow it out and enjoy this partially burnt, roasted marshmallow. The Agave flavor seems to exhibit a partially burnt flavor that is consistent with the brand. The new NOM is 1580, but is still the same distillery and product as before, 1079.
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