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Agave 99 Tequila Heads into New Year with Sleek New Look

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The artisanal overproof tequila made a statement in 2010 with a raft of industry accolades. It heads into the new year with a sleek new look.

Agave 99 TequilaTEQUILA.net - Though the brand was less than two years old, Agave 99® enjoyed major industry accomplished more commonly associated with older, more established brands. On the other hand, Agave 99® is a line of overproof tequilas that have proven itself to be an overachiever.

Thanks to a proprietary distillation system that results in a smooth, rich and sophisticated tequila, Agave 99® Anejo shattered stereotypes about “harsh” overproof tequilas to stand out tall among 162 other competing spirits brands at this year’s SIP Awards International Spirits Competition, earning a Gold Medal. Also this year, Agave 99® earned major accolades from a top tier panel of judges at the largest and most comprehensive Agave Tasting Competition in the world, the 2010 Spirits of Mexico, winning a Gold Medal for its Reposado.

While Agave 99’s unique taste as well as its certification as an organic and Kosher ultra premium spirit has turned many heads and earned new fans, the brand’s taking its image up a notch with brand new sleeker, luxury-driven labeling that parallels its growing cache as a rising star in the world of ultra premium overproof tequilas. The redesign was inspired by the tequila’s smooth, sophisticated flavor as a starting point for its reimaging.

“So, why redesign the package now? Because it is strategic to strike while the iron is hot,” says Elements Spirits CEO Kim Brandi, the marketing arm of parent company Worldwide Beverage Imports, LLC. “Frankly, Agave 99® is very hot right now. Its Anejo, Blanco and Reposado generated real heat this year among tequila connoisseurs and industry experts alike. Rather than rest on our laurels, we wanted to celebrate them, and bring more people into the fold. The new design also underscores the shift in paradigm of ‘overproof’ to signify extra craftsmanship and attention to detail and quality went into the making of this line.”

Tequila Agave 99® is available in Silver, Reposado and Anejo nationwide, retailing for $39.99 - $54.99/bottle.

Agave 99® is a product of Worldwide Beverage Imports, LLC., producer of fine quality, organic and Kosher products such as KAH® Tequila and Ed Hardy® Silver Tequila. Please sip your tequila responsibly.

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