Agave 99 Tequila Silver

T December 06, 2010
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Agave 99 Tequila Silver

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Agave 99
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2011 Awards - "Best of the Best" Best Lowland Blanco Tequila Best High-Proof Tequila
2011 Awards - Best of the Best

Agave 99 Tequila Silver

Agave 99® Tequila Silver is a very smooth tequila which brings about the delicate aromas and flavors of the Agave's. Before bottling, it is triple filtered, so its clean pure taste can be enjoyed by aficionados.

Agave 99® is an overproof tequila, which has a definite marketing appeal, not only because it appeals to a certain kind of customer who likes their drinks stronger, but Agave 99® Tequila makes life more interesting and creative for the bartender by expanding options.  Even something as basic as a Margarita or a Bloody Mary can take on new life when an overproof spirit is swapped out for a traditional variety. Also, while some tequilas are produced with an "American Palate" in mind, that palate has changed dramatically in past years with exposure to new ethnic foods, recipes and presentation styles.

People want to eat and drink outside their comfort zone, and the advent of an ultra premium, overproof spirits like Agave 99 reflect this movement.  Consider this: by law in Mexico, tequila must be distilled at 35% - 55% alc./vol. no higher than 110 proof. Many distillers cut the spirit's strength with water to bring it to the commercial standard of 40% alc./vol. (80 proof)--what the American palate may have been perceived as being "used to" at one point. The perception of overproof tequila being "harsh" due to the higher volume of alcohol is changing, thanks to more refined and advanced technology. The proprietary methods of distillation of Agave 99® result in an ultra smooth, high proof tequila that provides the strength and body that an increasing number of American consumers are demanding, not just for strength but a distinctive type of flavor that to them improves upon a satisfying sipping experience or a favorite cocktail.  By the same token, Mixologists consider themselves artists, and overproof spirits give them more colors to paint with. And with this in mind Agave 99® has rich, hearty and sophisticated flavors that separate the line from others on the shelf and are bound to inspire bartender and customer alike.

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