Blue Iguana Tequila Anejo

T November 12, 2012
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Blue Iguana Tequila Anejo

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Blue Iguana
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Blue Iguana Tequila Añejo

Blue Iguana Tequila Anejo is double distilled, 100% Blue Agave from rich volcanic soil. It is produced from a perfect mixture of sweet highland agave and floral lowland agave. It has a rich, smooth and complex mixture beautifully aged in once used whiskey barrels.

At Destiladora del Valle de Tequila, they combine old fashioned traditions with modern efficiency to achieve the character and quality of Blue Iguana Tequila. Time-honored slow-baking brick ovens and autoclaves are used to cook the blue agave hearts and traditional mills to extract the juice. The fermentation is pure, using only naturally occurring yeast. The distilling takes place in classic "pot stills", rather than in the flavor neutralizing distillation columns favored by many of the larger producers.

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