Gran Tulum Tequila Anejo

T September 24, 2007
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Gran Tulum Tequila Anejo

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Tasting Awards
2008 Agave Spirits Challenge
Silver Medal
2008 Agave Spirits Challenge Silver Medal

Tequila Gran Tulum Anejo

Temples were, and continue to be, the greatest symbols of Mayan culture. Live representations of greatness, power and omnipotence, "Home to the Gods."

In their construction, the quality of materials (stone) was of vital importance. Its selection, preparation and proper usage, along with the architectural creativity and advanced engineering skills, produced as a result fascinating sculptures and monuments that even in this day and age still captivate the world's attention.

"Tequila Gran Tulum Anejo" is a tequila with a great body and character that can be witnessed in its intense golden color and fine wooden aroma obtained through the passage of time. It is aged for twelve months in white oak casks, which magically and slowly caress it to provide it with its unique taste, a reflection of the optimum care taken during its creation.

Just as close attention was paid to detail while constructing the "Pre-Hispanic temples", in Tequila Gran Tulum Anejo we have taken great care over even the smallest details to succeed in making a product which will be the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a fine tequila, which is a tribute and monument to quality.

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