Santera Tequila Anejo

T November 08, 2015
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Santera Tequila Anejo

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Santera Tequila Añejo

Santera Tequila Añejo is aged up to 16 months in American oak barrels and then blended with a touch of Extra Añejo to create a rich, brooding and complex tequila.

Introducing Santera™ Tequila, a new super premium blue agave tequila that is produced and bottled in the heart of Mexico’s tequila region of Jalisco, Mexico. It is created by Master Distiller Sebastian Melendrez using distillation methods that date back centuries fused with modern techniques to achieve authenticity in every batch.

Small by design, Santera’s sustainable agave farming practices results in a lower yield with higher quality tequila.

The creation of Santera Tequila begins with blue weber agave, which is grown in the red volcanic soil of the dormant Volcán de Tequila, situated in the northern highlands of Jalisco. Agave piñas (hearts) undergo a long, slow roasting period and extended fermentation, giving the tequila its distinct character. After distillation, the tequilas are refined using a proprietary filtration process, after which Sebastian then individually selects optimal  development periods for each interpretation and painstakingly balances the aromas and taste profile of each batch.

A santera is a Saint maker and a skilled creator of Spanish-style art. Santera Tequila embraces the contemporary world while staying deeply rooted in the ancient tradition of tequila making.

The liquid is housed in a unique, modern bottle made of white flint glass that emulates a classical element with fashionable style. The bottle is enhanced with a mystical design integrating the realms of the earthly and the supernatural.

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