Gran Tulum Tequila Blanco

T September 24, 2007
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Gran Tulum Tequila Blanco

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Tasting Awards
2008 Agave Spirits Challenge
Silver Medal
2008 Agave Spirits Challenge Silver Medal

Tequila Gran Tulum Blanco

Mayans, unquestionable masters of the creation and use of colors, used pure mineral, vegetable and animal substances to obtain their pigments, something that has astonished the archaeologists that have studied the beauty and warmth of their blue tone, and separated "Mayan Blue" from other pigments.

"Gran Tulum Tequila Blanco" 100% de Agave adopts the Mayan Blue color as its image to introduce a product that defines itself as pure and of delicate elaboration; the same concepts that Mayans used to develop that unique color that resembles the clear skies and crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The bouquet, flavor and body of Gran Tulum Tequila Blanco are the result of its natural elaboration process through which this magnificent tequila acquires its prestige. Its purity and refreshing, fruity flavor turn it into an excellent companion for any drink, whether combined with exotic fruit juices or as a quality product with which to prepare the most delicious cocktails.

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