2012 Luna Nueva Tequila Reposado

T October 09, 2011
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2012 Luna Nueva Tequila Reposado

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2012 Luna Nueva
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2012 Luna Nueva Tequila Reposado

2012 Luna Nueva Tequila Reposado is born after our outstanding Silver Tequila rests for at least 6 months in oak casks with varying degrees of charring, yielding a smooth, silky taste and aroma.

What will you be drinking at the end? Let's go out in style!

The ancient Maya civilization, builders of a great empire, were the best mathematicians and astronomers of their time. For them, life was cyclical; everything begins and ends in reoccurring cycles; the last recorded Maya cycle ends in 12-21-2012. Such a special date deserves 2012 Luna Nueva the beyond-ultra-premium Tequila.

At 2012 Luna Nueva, we believe in what we do, so we proudly offer this exceptional Tequila. 2012 Luna Nueva. For some,12-21-2012 will signify the end of the world; for others, simply the beginning of another cycle. By God's grace, it is up to us if the world continues or ends; but before it is too late-and we hope, for many long years afterwards, enjoy!

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