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Well, one look at the bottle and anyone would at least want to try this tequila. The bottle is in the shape of an upside down question mark. Now, for you non-Spanish linguists - every sentence in Spanish that is a question - must begin with an upside down question mark and ends with a right side-up one. The same for exclamation marks! So - I love the bottle and the top is a nice wooden knob with a rubber stopper underneath. It's a great bottle to pick up and hold. What about the really important stuff?
The color in a tasting glass is extremely light. You almost suspect that it has been removed with charcoal. The wood used is American oak - from charcoal-charred whiskey barrels. I think the color should be darker. But - onward to the appearance which includes thin legs with exceptional pearling. Aromatics are pleasant with sweet agave, vanilla, citrus and maybe a little whiskey. The initial taste is unusual - hard to describe; citrus, strong vanilla, plenty of agave and low to medium alcohol with almost no barrel influence. Mouth feel is thin with no coating of the tongue, teeth and palate. The flavor builds with subsequent tastings. I have come to prefer it with a sip of grapefruit soda between sips - so it's perfect for a Paloma. Bound to be good with mixed drinks - even better than sipping. Not sweet enough to suit me, but I love very sweet tequilas. Some people may love this. The price is average at about $50.00 a bottle. It has limited distribution thus far - primarily Tennessee and South Carolina. I stumbled on my bottle in a small town near the South/North Carolina border. A good find - if only to try a tequila I had never seen before. It's produced at a Los Altos distillery that also makes two of my absolute favorites: Ley .925 and Ambhar. So, it has a great pedigree and frankly, the longer your tasting - the more you will like it. A tequila that grows on you!
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